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Chemistry, Technology and Analysis of Food

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Length of study
4 years
Mode of study
full-time/part-time  what's this?
Become a real master of food production and development! This specialization will be your cup of tea allowing you to see beyond its basic horizons. You will learn methods for food engineering and its application in plant and animal food production. Furthermore, you will learn about the influence of technology on chemical compositions, as well as physical, biological, sensory and nutritional characteristics. Food production is multidisciplinary. You can dive into many scientific areas regarding chemicals, different processes, and the technology used in the production, storage, and the evaluation of food and drink. We bear in mind that the world is moving forward. Our focus is on innovations in food development. People demand higher quality, better nutrition and higher health requirements, we aim to give it to them. You will explore the topic of sustainability and the use of food waste, the development of food enriched with bioactive substances and antioxidant properties. The use of lesser consumed foods such as edible flowers and insects, fruit, non-traditional cereal and mushrooms. Innovative packaging is explored as well. In short, we keep nothing under wraps when it comes to the present and future of food production and development.
Doctoral (Ph.D.)
Round 1 for academic year 2022/2023 what's this?
Nearest application deadline
26 July 2022 (for academic year 2022/2023)
Next application deadline
Annual tuition fee
CZK 65,000
Annual fee directive
Scholarship in 1st year of study
CZK 96000 per year, link to directiveFAQ
Scholarship from 2nd year of study
up to CZK 96000 per year
Scholarship info (2nd year and up)

In the second and the following academic year of studies the DP scholarship may be paid from the resources of the scholarship fund of the Faculty, at which the student is enrolled. Students may submit the request within 30 days of the next academic year. The amount of the scholarship depends on the Dean's decision.

Admission directive
Rules and Requirements for the Publicly Announced Admission Procedure for Accredited Doctoral Study Programme Chemistry, Technology and Analysis of Food in the English Language for Academic year 2022/2023
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Required documents
University Diploma
Transcript of Records
Certificate in English (CEFRL B2 minimum)
Curriculum Vitae
University Reference
Motivation Letter
Summary of Academic Work
Recognition of Previous Tertiary Education what's this?
Personal Photograph
University coordinator
Pavlína Hrubá,
Faculty coordinator
Lada Vojáčková,
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