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Polymer Engineering

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Follow-Up Master's
Length of study
2 years
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full-time  what's this?
You already know, that polymers are a part of almost everything around us and that not all polymers are the same. You have learned to distinguish between different types of polymers, you know how to characterize and use them appropriately. What's next then? Now, it is time to figure out how polymers react in processing and how you can influence its final properties to your liking. You should also think about what to do with a polymer if you want to get rid of it. This programme focuses on recycling and the influence of polymers on the environment. You will be introduced to "green" polymers and to new trends and innovations in this field. In addition, you will get to know processes connected with testing, certification and the designing of complex engineering solutions that not just anyone can do. Without a second thought, you will use words such as extruders, composite and viscosity in common speech, even outside the context of polymer engineering.
Master (Ing.)
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Nearest application deadline
15 May 2022 (for academic year 2022/2023)
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Annual tuition fee
CZK 65,000
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Scholarship from 2nd year of study
up to CZK 32500 per year
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Admission directive
SD/08/2021 – Rules and Requirements for the Publicly Announced Admission Procedure for Accredited Master’s Programmes Carried Out in the English Language
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Pavlína Hrubá,
Faculty coordinator
Lada Vojáčková,