Frequently Asked Questions



Q: Do you offer accommodation to students?
A: Yes. Staying at a double room in a university dorm (with two doubles sharing the bathroom and kitchenette, and with internet access) will cost you approx. CZK 3,000.00 (EUR 111.00) per month (per one bed). For more info visit the site of the Halls of Residence and Refectory. The online booking system is available here. Please book your accommodation AFTER you have been admitted.

Browser support

Q: Which browser should I use to fill in the application form?
A: This site relies on JavaScript and cookies. Any modern browser should do.


Q: How many ECTS credits will I get during my studies?
A: A total of 180 ECTS credits in bachelor's programmes and 120 credits in master's programmes.

Doctoral studies—dissertation topics and supervisors

Q: When and how should I choose my dissertation topic and supervisor?
A: You MUST choose a dissertation topic and supervisor BEFORE you start filling in the application form; you will not be able to submit your application without providing this information. You can choose from the dissertation topics listed on the pages of individual courses, contact the supervisor by e-mail and request his/her consent with your choice, or you can come with a dissertation topic of your own, but you must find a supervisor yourself.


Q: What does "essay" mean?
A: Some of the faculties require an essay to be submitted as part of the application. Details on essay topic can be found in the application directive.
Q: Can I choose my own essay topic?
A: Yes. Some faculties allow this. However, be sure to discuss your own topic with your future supervisor. If you are applying for the Faculty of Management and Economics, you must also upload a PDF with Supervisor Statement, confirming your future supervisor's written consent with your choice of topic.


Q: When do I have to pay the study fee?
A: You are required to pay the study fee AFTER YOU HAVE BEEN ENROLLED IN STUDY (within 15 days of enrolment). There are no other fees attached to the application. Study fees differ from faculty to faculty and they range from EUR 1,500 to EUR 2,000 a year. Fees can be paid in cash or by a bank transfer (if the fee is in CZK [Czech crowns], pay the equivalent in EUR according to the current exchange rate, as specified by the Czech National Bank).
Q: Why are some fees in Czech crowns and others in EUR?
A: Some faculties hold their banks accounts in EUR, others in CZK. Receiving payments in EUR is not a problem for us, please just check the current exchange rate of the Czech National Bank before making the payment.
Q: What are the bank account numbers?
A: Always check the application directive for possible changes!

For fee payments in Czech crowns (CZK), the fee should be directed to the following bank account:

Bank: KB Zlín
Bank account number: 27-1925270277/0100
Specific symbol: your surname and first name
For payments from abroad:
SWIFT (BIC): KOMBCZPPXXX, IBAN: CZ7501000000271925270277
The name and address of the bank is: Komerční banka a. s., tř. T. Bati 152, 761 20 Zlín, Czech Republic
The account owner is TBU in Zlín, Nám. T. G. Masaryka 5555, 760 01 Zlín, Czech Republic
The variable symbol differs depending on the selected programme/course (see application directive)

For payments in EUR, the fee should be directed to the following bank account:

43-75 6504 0247/0100
IBAN: CZ29 0100 0000 4375 6504 0247
Details of payment: variable symbol, surname and first name
The variable symbol differs depending on the selected programme/course (see application directive)

Q: Where will I find the fee payment details (bank account number, etc.)?
A: You will find them in the applicable application directive. Double-check everything, especially the so-called variable code.


Q: What kind of insurance do I need?
A: While studying in the Czech Republic, you will need a comprehensive health insurance with a minimum insurance coverage of EUR 60,000 signed with an insurance company which is based in the Czech Republic. More on insurance.

Living Costs

Q: What is the cost of living?
A: The cost of living in the Czech Republic is generally lower compared to other European countries. You will need approx. CZK 5,000 to 6,000 per month to cover the basic costs such as food, accommodation and transport. Accommodation is the most expensive part (see above). The average rent for a flat in Zlín starts at CZK 5,000 a month. Subsidized meals at the refectory (student canteen) start at CZK 40.00, restaurant meals will start at CZK 75.00. Internet at the dorm is included and you may save expenses for public transport because all university buildings are within walking distance. (FYI, in December 2015, the average monthly salary in the Zlín region was EUR 900.00.)

Mode of Study

Q: What is the difference between part-time and full-time mode of study?
A: Full-time students can apply for a scholarship and are required to daily attend school. Part-time mode of study is available for doctoral students only. Part time-students cannot apply for a scholarhip. With their supervisor, they agree on the dates of consultations, which must take place in the Czech Republic. You can work at home for the rest of the year. Please note that the fee for studying in both modes of study is the same!


Q: How can I print my application?
A: Just use the link which you receive in any e-mail sent from us to return to the application. Before sending the printed application by post, print it on BOTH SIDES of the paper.

Recognition of Previous Education

Q: What is recognition and what do I need to do?

A: Recognition is the alignment of Czech and foreign education. In order for you to be accepted for study in the Czech Republic, your previous education needs to be evaluated against the Czech degree structure. This can be accomplished in two ways:

1. If you have previously studied in a degree programme/course that is similar to a programme that exists at the TBU, the recognition can be performed by Tomas Bata University. You will need to provide a verified diploma and Transcript of Records (Diploma Supplement). Types of recognitions can be found in this rector's directive. Fill in the Application for Recognition and send all three documents by post to:

Tomas Bata University in Zlín
International Office
attn. František Brázdilík
nam. T. G. Masaryka 5555
760 01 Zlín

Once we receive your documents, we will assess the application. If we decide that your previous education can be recognized by TBU, we will ask you to pay a recognition fee of CZK 3,000 (or its equivalent in EUR) and process your application after we have received the payment. If we cannot recognize your previous education, you will have to apply for your education to be recognized by another higher education institution in the Czech Republic (we will assist you with this).

2. You can upload a document recognizing education at another higher education institution in the Czech Republic; if you have graduated from a degree programme at another HEI in the Czech Republic, just upload the diploma.

Q: Is there a fee for the application for recognition?
A: No. Except for the previously mentioned administrative fee of CZK 3,000 for the recognition, there is no fee for the application itself.
Q: Does TBU recognize secondary education?
A: No. Recognition of secondary education is not performed by universities, but by regional administration bodies. However, a person with power of attorney may apply for recognition instead of you. Please note that recognition can take up to two months.


Q: What are application rounds?
A: Some TBU faculties organize several rounds of application procedures. Information on this site always refers to the current application procedure round.


Q: Can students apply for a scholarship?
A: Each accepted student can apply for a scholarship (application forms are available from the International Office). Students of bachelor's and master's degree programmes can apply for a scholarship of up to CZK 5,000 a month (CZK 60,000 a year); monthly scholarship for doctoral students is up to CZK 8,000 (CZK 96,000 per year). Applications are reviewed by the rector. Remember that you must submit the application within 30 days of acceptance. For more details see the applicable rector's directive.

Supervisor Statement

Q: What is a Supervisor Statement?
A: Applicants for doctoral programmes at the Faculty of Management and Economics are required to upload a PDF file with a so-called Supervisor Statement. A sample supervisor statement can be downloaded here.


Q: Can I translate the required documents by myself or using an online translating service?
A: No. All translations must be done by a certified translator.


Q: What kind of visa do I need?
A: Once you are accepted, you can apply for a long-term residence permit for the purpose of study. For more information consult the web site of the Czech Embassy in your country.