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Technology of Macromolecular Compounds

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Course code
Doctoral (Ph.D.)
Length of study
4 years
Course information
Mode of study
full-time/part-time  what's this?
Round 1 for academic year 2020/2021 what's this?
The degree course is aimed at scientific research and independent research activities in the field of research or development. Ph.D. students are trained to apply practically theoretical knowledge of mathematics, physics and chemistry, general knowledge of technological processes as well as knowledge of computing and information technology. The above fields focus on the specific properties of polymeric materials including the latest knowledge about ecology. In the course of their studies, Ph.D. students must prove their ability to solve complicated professional issues in an inventive way. They are also expected to present the outcomes of their research at international conferences and to publicise them in professional journals abroad.
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Exam date
30 March 2020
Entrance exam board session date:
10 April 2020
Annual tuition fee
CZK 65,000
Scholarship in 1st year of study
CZK 135,000 per year, link to directiveFAQ
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Required documents
University Diploma
Transcript of Records
Certificate in English (CEFRL B2 minimum)
Curriculum Vitae
University Reference
Motivation Letter
Summary of Academic Work
Recognition of Previous Tertiary Education what's this?
Personal Photograph
University coordinator
František Brázdilík,
Faculty coordinator
Lada Vojáčková,
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